Application Integration

Do you find your employees having to enter data twice, because you have more than one system that works with the same type of data?


A classic example of two systems that don't get along are ecommerce stores and accounting systems. A lot of companies print out the reports that their ecommerce store provides each month and then they manually enter that data into their accounting system. Wouldn't it be simpler if there was an automated process that would pull the data out of the ecommerce store once a month, transform it into a format that the accounting system understands and then send it to the accounting system to update the books?

Think about how much time that would save and all of the errors it would avoid.

What about when an order is made offline? Does the ecommerce store know that the inventory just went down? If a process was set up to automatically update the inventory in the ecommerce store, wouldn't that make your online customers a lot happier?

Did you know that it is possible for your small Access database to share data with your legacy IBM CICS mainframe application? It is usually far less expensive to integrate PC based systems with legacy systems, than it is to try to rewrite the legacy application as a Windows app.

You probably know of at least one area where application integration could help improve your company's profits. There may be some areas you didn't realize where work is being duplicated.

Give Spectrum Tech a call. We can sit down and go over the systems you have and figure out a plan of attack to minimize the workload required to keep your systems in sync.

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